1. Messari Messari is a cryptocurrency data aggregator with loads of helpful tools to analyze charts, allowing you to make better trading decisions.

2. Glassnode Glassnode is an on-chain data and intelligence platform, which means it gathers data from a number of different blockchains to accurately measure crypto network activity,

3. LunarCrush LunarCrush is a social intelligence platform that analyzes data from social networks to gauge not just market activity and transaction data, but investor sentiment as well.

4. Coin Metric Coin Metrics is a provider of cryptocurrency financial intelligence, market data, index, network data and other analysis tools to help you make informed crypto decisions.

5. Santiment Santiment is another crypto research tool that deserves a close look. Like Glassnode, Santiment provides on-chain, social media and financial data on almost 2,000

6. CoinGecko You’ve probably heard of CoinMarketCap, but you may not be familiar with CoinGecko.

7. CoinMarketCal The crypto industry is a buzzing economy, bringing about tons of market events that might affect price movements.

8. Coin Dance Coin Dance is a heavy-data bitcoin research tool you may want to check out.

9. CryptoMiso Investing in cryptocurrencies without checking the development of a particular coin is probably a bad idea — you could be investing in a dead project.

10. Coinbase One Coinbase One is a premium trading service for individuals.