1.Add Slipcover  couches without having to spend the money to replace them by ordering custom slipcovers.

2.Change Out the Light Fixture "New light fixtures are great ways to change your room look

3.Give It a Fresh Coat of Paint "A fresh coat of paint can transform a room from dull to bright

4.Add New Art and Decorative Item "Art and accessories can be sourced from anywhere

5.Shop For Thrifted Furniture  buying used or thrifted piece

6. Bring In Some Greenery Adding houseplants or flowers to your living room can instantly elevate it.

7. Declutter & Organize "A cluttered area always looks less impressive than an organized area.

8. Switch up your coffee table Your coffee table is the centerpiece of the living room

9. Untangle that mess of wire The snarled mass of wires currently snaking out from behind your TV like an unwelcome guest.

10. Decorate your walls with new shelve A well-placed shelf (or two!) not only saves precious space