TicketMaster The concert ticket giant came under heavy fire in 2022 for its role in a botched set of Taylor Swift tour dates that were in such high demand that Ticketmaster canceled the public sale of tickets for those dates.

Amway/Ouixtar Amway or Quixtar, a HomeGoods multi-level marketing (MLM) company in the United States, has been accused of being a pyramid scheme.

Nestle The food and beverage processing company known as Nestle has a bad rap among Redditors. It's not because of their products either.

Pacific Gas and Electric Known as PG&E, this company isn't a favorite among Reddit users.

Facebook/Meta When it comes to social media channels, everyone has their favorites. Facebook, however, doesn't seem to be high on the list.

Verizon Most cell phone companies have a love/hate relationship with the general public. People either love them or hate them, and it's usually tied to cell reception.

Shein This company has been troubled by bad customer service, reports of poor quality clothing, refund and return troubles, delivery delays, and unethical advertising.

Bayer Much like PG&E, Bayer has been accused of everything from groundwater contamination to supporting the Third Reich.

Airbnb Even if you like staying in cheap, sometimes odd places, there's a vast difference between a cheap, well-maintained motel and a bedroom that costs two or three times more than that cheap motel and doesn't offer any amenities.

Walmart Even those who shop at Walmart might be in the camp for seeing them go bankrupt.