1. Content creation 2022 was the year of the content creator.

2. Social-media strategy Even if you don't want to become an influencer, social-media expertise is sought-after — brands of all sizes and industries need social-media strategies to scale

3. Web development and graphic design Given the increase in businesses created in the past few years, many entrepreneurs are seeking help with their digital presence.

4. Marketing Production Digital marketing has become another growing career field since the Great Resignation began.

5. Business coaching The market-research firm IBISWorld estimates that the business-coaching industry is worth more than $11 billion and is expected to continue growing.

6. Financial advising Experts told Insider that for those looking to start a business, it's best to capitalize on existing skills.

7. Virtual assisting Virtual assisting is a good way to find out what remote business tasks you enjoy, said Grace John, who started her virtual-assistant business in late 2020

8. Life coaching Therapy and mental health services have become increasingly popular since the pandemic began.

9. E-commerce brand After the e-commerce boom brought on by the pandemic, the growing number of online-only businesses is shrinking.

10. Freelance writing Freelancing is the way of the future for many solopreneurs. In fact, 2022 hit record heights in the number of freelancers across the country, according to Upwork.