Having Dr. In Front of Your Name When You’re Young It’s no secret that being a physician or having Dr. in front of your name signals a high-paying job.

Having a Giant Residence “Having a big house, in lots of areas, can be very cheap,

Flexing Online “Holding a month’s rent in cash, all fanned out in a photo. Those people are dirt poor,” someone suggested.

Being Attractive “People often combine the idea of being poor with also being unable to keep oneself up.

Work/ Life Balance Real wealth brings freedom, not stress.

Expensive-Looking Accessorie “When every accessory is gold-colored, it’s either a cheap, glitzy imitation by someone poor

Frequent Vacation “I have a coworker who buys Disney Season Passes. He takes his family MONTHLY ALL YEAR LONG!

Designer Fashion “Absolute pet peeve of mine. I work with lads that love to tell me about the $300/$400 t-shirt they bought or how they bought their wife a $2k designer handbag.

Expensive Car “Cars are not wealth. They are not even an investment

New Money Screams, Old Money Whisper Scared money don’t make money, but new money screens I don’t really have money.