Closing cost While your down payment is likely to be top of mind, don’t forget to account for broker fees, title insurance, pre-paid property taxes, and more

Utilitie A bigger home doesn’t just mean more space. If you’re upgrading to a larger house, you also likely will have bigger utility bills.

Gutter cleaning If you live in a place with trees, it’s a good idea to add gutter cleanup to your maintenance list each year.

Radon gas test Radon is a gas that can cause serious health issues if the home is not vented properly.

Dryer vent cleaning Lint and other debris can cause issues with your dryer or even start a fire.

Emergency fund When you own a home, it’s inevitable that something will go wrong.

Insurance Your lender may require you to purchase homeowners insurance before you close on the home.

HOA fee Find out in advance if your home comes with a monthly or yearly homeowners association fee.

Landscaping If you own a home with landscaping, factor in any costs that may be required to maintain it.

Property tax Property taxes can vary from city to city and state to state. They can also change each time the value of your property is assessed.