Realtor – Average Yearly Salary: $156,665 Also known as a real estate agent, these professionals help clients buy and sell homes.

Corporate Recruiter – Average Annual Salary: $88,367 These professionals are tasked with filling open positions at companies.

Full-Stack Engineer – Average Annual Salary: $121,532 As senior-level computer programmers, full-stack engineers are responsible for coding both front and back-end system

Chief Operating Officer – Average Annual Salary: $351,692 Part of the executive team, a COO oversees an organization’s business operations

Technical Account Manager – Average Annual Salary: $122,627 When customers purchase certain products, they rely on a technical account manager to help them get set up and learn how to use them.

SEO Analyst – Average Annual Salary: $65,353 Part of the search engine optimization team, an SEO analyst is tasked with creating and implementing SEO strategies and campaigns that increase website traffic.

Executive Director – Average Annual Salary: $233,419 Employed by both corporations and nonprofits, executive directors oversee a company’s administration and strategy.

Technical Recruiter – Average Salary: $76,632 Specializing in technology positions, a technical recruiter is responsible for finding, recruiting, screening and presenting hiring managers with candidates.

Salesforce Developer – Average Annual Salary: $132,861 Salesforce is a major customer relationship management (CRM) platform.

President – Average Annual Salary: $347,732 The leader of the executive team, the president of a company is in charge of strategic planning and organizational vision