· Herschel Walker admits to writing $700 check but denies it was for abortion

· The Georgia Republican candidate for the Senate claims he has ‘no idea’ what the money was used for

· Confronted on Sunday with receipts that appear to prove he paid for the abortion of a woman he once dated

· staunch anti-abortionist Herschel Walker – Georgia’s Republican candidate for the US Senate – had a ready response: “It’s a lie.”

· Walker is competing for a Senate seat considered pivotal to determining which party controls the chamber in the 8 November midterms.

· Herschel Walker campaign has spent weeks under fire after reports emerged earlier this month.

· Herschel Walker – who has publicly argued that abortion should be illegal nationwide without exceptions – sent the unnamed woman money to end her pregnancy.

· Herschel Walker was presented with an image of a check for $700 written in 2009, to which he responded, “Yes, that’s my check.”

· Herschel Walker disputed that its purpose was to pay for the termination of the woman’s pregnancy.

· He maintained his denial even after NBC showed him a receipt from the clinic where the woman