Dwayne Johnson’s net worth is an astounding $800 million!

He has been able to amass this almost billion-dollar fortune through his top tier movie salary, endorsement deals, and business investments.

It is not known exactly how much Dwayne Johnson made in 2021.

However, it is estimated the action star earns around $100 million each year from his various sources of income, including his acting roles.

The majority of sources have James Bond actor Daniel Craig listed as the highest-paid actor of 2021,

who made around $100 million from his acting roles last year.

This is most likely due to the payments he received for his last Bond movie, 2021's No Time to Die,

As well as the lucrative deal he reached with Netflix for the murder mystery sequels Knives Out 2 and Knives Out 3.

Dwayne Johnson was reportedly the second highest paid actor of the year, taking in $50 million,

In large part due to his $30 million paycheck for Netflix’s Red Notice.