'Travel could become impossible': Powerful winter storm dumps snow in Sierra Nevada; flood watches triggered in California

A powerful winter storm crashing across the West on Sunday slammed parts of Southern California with more than 7 inches of rain

Promised to snarl travel with feet of snow in some areas from the mountains of the Golden State through the Midwest.

The storm will continue across the West while "developing into a possible blizzard" in coming days, the National Weather Service warned.

The system was forecast to sweep across a wide swath of the nation from Colorado to Minnesota on Monday through Wednesday, with driving snow, high winds and freezing rain.

"Heavy snow will bring major impacts to many areas across the country," the weather service warned. "Travel could become impossible."

A stretch of California Highway 89 was closed because of heavy snow in the Lake Tahoe area,

the highway patrol said. Parts of the Sierra Nevada could see 5 feet of snow and whiteout conditions Sunday and Monday,

The weather service said. Parts of I-80 and other roads also saw periods of closure.

As the storm rolls east, AccuWeathersaid parts of I-90 and I-94,

The major highways of the Upper Midwest, could be forced to close as the snow piles higher