Chinese restaurant will be filled with a variety of different house special Chinese soups and entrees.

· House special soup is often referred to as “Chinese New Year soup” in China.

· To many, this delicacy is a symbol of health and prosperity for the upcoming year.

· The broth is seasoned with five-spice powder, salt, and sugar that provide a complex flavor and aroma.

· In fact, the taste is so rich that each sip feels like having a mouthful of food

· Five-spice powder is one of the most important flavour enhancers used in Chinese cuisine.

· It’s commonly used in chilli and soy sauce but can often be found in other dishes such as stir-fried noodles, fried rice and even fruit smoothies.

· Each ingredient is carefully measured before adding it to the broth. To make the soup more flavorful, salt and sugar are added to it.

· The proper ratio of these ingredients depends on the dish you’re making

House Special Soup- for example, with a cold soba noodle meal, you would want less sugar, while five-spice powder plays a very important role.