1. College Bookstore Besides the crazy prices for the textbooks that are required reading for most college courses.

2. Convenience Fees on Electronic Payment Fees on electronic payments feel like a huge scam.

3. Ticketmaster Many people called Ticketmaster a scam, “I was looking for tickets to a pro hockey game.

4. Weddings/Rings/Bachelor Party One person responded, “That it's considered normal to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a wedding/ring/bachelor party.”

5. Turbotax It’s pretty shady that you have to pay for software so that you can figure out how to pay the government your taxes.

6. Dental Insurance One person listed health insurance in the USA as a scam, and another person countered with an even worse scam: “Health insurance is less of a scam than dental insurance.

7. Student Loan Student loans are a huge problem in the U.S. Many Redditors agree, “Truly a crisis in our society.

8. Tipping Of course, you should tip the people who serve you, but the entire tipping situation is a scam.

9. Fad Diet One person had a great explanation about why this is a scam.

10. Recycling Recycling is a good idea but does it really happen?