Save You can’t begin any type of wealth-generation plan without having money to invest.

Buy an S&P 500 Index Fund The S&P 500 index doesn’t guarantee profits, but it’s proven itself time and time again to be a tremendous generator of long-term wealth.

Buy Dividend-Paying Stock Dividend-paying stocks may seem like a slow and boring way to build wealth, but they are one of the best ways to tap into a solid and growing source of income, and capital gains as well.

Buy a Rental Property One of the key ways to build wealth fast — and over the long term — is to earn passive income.

Keep Asking for Raise The cost of living goes up nearly every year, and so does your experience and value to your company.

Start a Busine Most of the world’s billionaires either inherited their money — which isn’t as much of a strategy as simple good fortune — or started their own businesses.

Broaden Your Education and Skill Set If you’re going to spend your life working for others, you’ll have to make yourself as valuable as possible if you want to generate the most wealth.

Set Up Multiple Streams of Income It’s hard to generate sizable wealth on a single salary, even if you save a large portion of it. To build wealth fast, set up multiple streams of income.

Live Within Your Mean You’ll never generate any wealth at all if you spend more than you earn.

Don’t Be Too Conservative Although being too speculative is a sure-fire way to risk all the savings you’ve worked for, being too conservative can be equally damaging in terms of limiting your wealth.