1. Does Checking My Credit Score Online Affect My Score? No,

1. Does Checking My Credit Score Online Affect My Score? No,

2. Will Carrying Larger Balances Help My Credit Score? It’s true

3. Will My Credit Score Increase When My Income Increases? No.

4. Does Getting Married Result in a Joint Credit Score? Yes

5. Will Paying Off My Auto Loan Help My Credit Score Now that you’ve learned that less debt is better when it comes to credit scores, it might seem to make sense that paying off your auto loan would also boost your score.

6. Will Using My Debit Card Help Me Build My Credit Score? Responsible debit card usage can be a sign of financial maturity

7. Will Taking Out a Mortgage Hurt My Credit Score? Yes

8. Does My Credit Score Really Matter in the Real World, Or Is It Just for Pride? It’s true that some people boast about their 800-plus credit scores as if they are a badge of honor.

9. Applying For a Lot of Credit Cards at the Same Time Won’t Hurt My Score Much, Will It? The concept that multiple card applications in a short time won’t hurt your score much is rooted in a related truth, but it’s a complete myth.

10. Should I Close Unused Credit Cards To Boost My Score? It might seem logical that closing your unused credit cards would boost your credit score. But unfortunately, the exact opposite is actually true.