Owning Your Primary Residence Homeownership ranks among the most common ways people gain a substantial increase in net worth.

Second Home Second homes are a savvy way to earn passive income via short-term rental platforms like HomeAway, VRBO or Airbnb

Retirement Saving Retirement might be decades in the future, but saving now can enhance your net worth.

Education You might not have thought of it this way, but your education credentials are among your greatest assets.

Rental Real Estate When you use the bank's money to acquire rental properties, you're effectively building your net worth.

Health Having good health is a critical asset to building your net worth. It allows you to work more hours

College Saving Many parents assume ownership of a 529 college savings plan for their children, which increases their net worth until it's time to use the money for school.

Maintain Your Home Because your home is likely one of your largest assets, it makes sense to invest in maintaining it.

Investment Investing can be a good income strategy, but it's not a sure thing. Take the time to research investments before you commit.

Household Item You might not consider a new refrigerator or laptop a way to boost your net worth but consider the big picture.

Private Lending Being someone else's bank allows you to generate passive income that can boost your net worth.