· Remote Working Would Suck In Mark Zuckerberg’s Version Of Boss-Friendly Metaverse.

· A virtual trap worth billions. It would suck the last iota of sanity outta you.

· Since 2021, Meta, the social media giant, has invested $10 billion in forging a Metaverse that seems more dystopian and malevolent in its intent.

A pipe dream of founder Mark Zuckerberg, that has met with immense criticism for its overall usability and aesthetics.

soon got embroiled in scandals, including the virtual molestation of an investigative journalist.

· There was a li’l public outcry and then everyone seemed to move on. Not Zuckerberg. ·  His obsession with the metaverse seems a little unhinged.

· The Meta boss announced in the Meta Connect 2022 live keynote earlier last week that the company is working on avatars for human workers to *drum rolls* video chat.

The avatars would match your exact skin color, texture, hairstyle, and outfit.

· These digital stand-ins of you and your co-workers would be able to interact in a virtual roundtable, even in camera-off mode, via the latest VR tech.