Perhaps the most remarkable outcome of the recent protests in China is what the protestors never demanded

what the Chinese government seems determined not to provide:

Access to the world’s best and most effective mRNA COVID-19 vaccines.

Interpreting the conspicuous absence of mRNA vaccines in protestor demands invites us to focus on what the protests were – and were not – about.

Protestors were outraged about the personal danger

Inhumane conditions they experienced under a rigid “zero Covid” policy administered by callous bureaucrats.

The mainstream did not advocate broader change, political reforms or Western approaches to the COVID pandemic.

In fact, unremitting Chinese government propaganda has persuaded the Chinese public that,

Implementation aside, the “zero COVID” policy has been successful

Because there have been relatively few Chinese deaths.

Ongoing Chinese government claims that Chinese vaccines are safe and effective also remain unchallenged domestically.

All of that could change as the “zero COVID” policy is relaxed and widespread infections become possible, if not likely.