Pay off credit card debt The sooner you pay off a credit card balance, the less it'll cost you in interest. You can take the money you're not spending on interest and put it into savings instead.

Get a side hustle You can use your earnings to boost your savings since they won't be earmarked for existing bills.

Shop around for a new auto or homeowners insurance policy If your rates keep going up on your car or homeowners insurance, it may be time to get a new policy.

Find a new source for pet care product If you're spending a small fortune to feed and medicate your pet, there may be a less expensive way to go about that

Join Costco If you have a larger family to feed, it could pay to get a Costco membership in 2023.

Shop at dollar store Buying things like gift bags, school supplies, and even household items at your local dollar store could be a huge source of savings.

Understand your health benefit Knowing how your health insurance plan works could help you avoid costly mistakes that result in you spending more money.

Be mindful of utilitie The simple act of turning off lights when you leave a room or unplugging appliances when they're not in use could save you a lot of money during 2023.

Join a carpool If you commute to work daily, riding with others could cut down your transportation costs. It could also mean getting to know some of your colleagues better.

Research gas prices before filling up If you have access to several gas stations in your area, do a little digging before fueling your car. The savings could add up in the course of a year.

Have one no-spend weekend a month Replacing social outings and restaurant meals with movie nights in your living room may end up being more fun than anticipated