Elon Musk to remove 1.5 billion Twitter accounts, announces new feature for users' tweet

Elon Musk said users will soon be able to see how many people are viewing their tweets, 'just like videos'

Elon Musk will be removing 1.5 billions users from Twitter in the coming weeks as well as adding a new feature, he said in a series of overnight tweets.

Early Friday morning, Musk tweeted that he would delete 1.5 billion accounts to free up usernames for current users.

He also said he would add a feature that would allow Twitter users to see the number of people that read or interact with their tweets.

"Tweets will show view count in a few weeks, just like videos do.

In other tweets, Musk said he would be deleting accounts that had not logged in "for years" to free up usernames for current users.

"Twitter will soon start freeing the name space of 1.5 billion accounts," the Twitter CEO wrote.

He added: "These are obvious account deletions with no tweets & no log in for years."

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