For most Americans, Social Security doesn't just provide "some check" they'll receive after they retire.

According to national pollster Gallup, Social Security supplies a source of income retirees deem necessary to make ends meet.

Since 2002, anywhere from 80% to 90% of annually surveyed retirees lean on their monthly payout to some degree to cover their expenses.

Although Social Security is the U.S.'s most successful retirement program, having provided retired workers with benefits for 82 years

On shaky ground. And as the sustainability of Social Security payouts comes into question

It's lawmakers who come into focus -- specifically President Joe Biden.

Since retired worker payouts began in 1940

Social Security Board of Trustees has released a report each year that examines the financial state of the program

often-lengthy report takes into account demographic changes, fiscal policy implemented by Congress

a multitude of other factors to provide an all-encompassing look at how firm the foundation is for Social Security over the short term (the next 10 years) and long term