Buying Warrantie "I had a relative that would buy the warranty on everything.

DIY Home Repair "Do-it-yourself home repairs, if you're not used to them, then it's going to take twice as long and cost twice as much as just having a professional do it

Cheap New Car "Cheap new cars. The build quality on these cars sucks. You're going to have guaranteed problems, which adds to your sunk cost."

Buying High-Quality Item “A standard piece of frugality advice is always to buy the highest quality items you can find, and you'll make up the cost by not replacing them.

Buying Cheap Shoe "Cheap, ill-fitting shoes cost more in foot care and replacements than more expensive shoes. So, growing up

Cheap Vehicle Replacement Part "Anything to do with your car. Cheap parts break down quicker

Buying In Bulk "If you are short of money, buying in bulk increases your one-off payment.

Cheap Appliance "Buy the cheapest appliances. You'll spend more buying replacement after replacement