· Home Improvement Item Kimberly JC Enders, CFP at Enders Wealth Management, said one of the most common purchases she sees retirees making prior to retirement are large home improvements.

· Dental Work While many retirees defer to Medicare for their health coverage needs in retirement, Medicare doesn't cover most dental care needs.

· AARP Membership Once you turn 50, you're eligible to sign up for an AARP membership.

· Insurance From signing up for Medicare to investing in auto insurance, insurance packages are critical for retirees.

· Treasury Bond Retirees interested in diversifying their retirement portfolios may consider purchasing treasury bonds during their first few years of retirement.

· Athletic Shoe When it comes time to retire, Andrew Rosen, CFP at Diversified LLC, recommends investing in a pair of comfortable athletic shoes or sneaker

· Reliable Smartphone Communication is key during your retirement years. Retirees should invest in reliable smartphones or landline

· America the Beautiful Annual Pa Your early retirement years may include plenty of travel to destinations across the United States, such as national parks.