Cellphone If you have an unlimited cellphone plan and your bill never varies, autopay is a time-saving strategy for managing payments.

Utilitie Unless you’re on a budget plan through your utility company — which lets you pay a set amount every month — your water, gas and electric bills will fluctuate monthly.

Gym Membership A gym membership helps you get into shape and lose excess pounds. But you could lose more than that if you’re not careful.

Cable and Satellite Service Your cable and satellite bills can vary, especially if you watch a lot of movies on demand. With your cable bill automated and funds taken from your bank account,

Video Streaming Service Streaming services, like Netflix and Hulu, are convenient because you can watch whatever you want, whenever you want. But think twice before signing up for these services.

Music Streaming Music services, like Spotify and Apple Music, allow you to stream just about any song from any artist.

Beauty Boxe Several beauty brands promote beauty box subscriptions, where subscribers receive a box of products each month to sample at home.

Newspaper Subscription If you prefer reading the news over watching it, subscribing to a print or digital edition of a newspaper puts the latest headlines at your fingertips.

Annual Subscription If you have subscriptions or services that renew once a year, like a membership with Amazon Prime or Costco, don’t set up automatic payments for these expenses.