The company moved to limit internal activism on climate change before the pandemic. But the efforts live on.

More than 800 Amazon employees are calling on the company to step up its response to climate change through foreign aid

A sign internal activism is still alive at tech companies despite layoffs and a looming economic downturn.

The employees say the aid is a way for Amazon to take greater responsibility for its role in producing the greenhouse emissions that cause climate change.

In a petition posted on an internal system, the workers are asking Amazon to contribute toward “reparations” for Pakistan,

which suffered devastating flooding last summer and fall, by matching employee donations to relief efforts, according to screenshots given to NBC News

They also want the company to match employee donations in future climate related disasters.

“Amazon’s success and scale comes with a broad responsibility,” the petition reads.

“As Amazonians, we are proud to uphold our leadership principles, and in that spirit,

we owe it to our workforce, our customers, and the planet we live on to mitigate the harm our operations cause.”