Chuck Liddell Pleads With Divorce Judge For $95k To Save Family’s $5.2 Million Mansion, Accuses Ex-Wife Of Refusing To Help With Bill

Ex-UFC fighter Chuck Liddell has rushed to court accusing his estranged wife Heidi of refusing to help with bills which has put their home in jeopardy of being lost.

Back in October 2021, Chuck filed for divorce from his wife Heidi after 10 years of marriage.

The split came days after he was taken into custody for domestic violence after cops showed up to the couple’s Hidden Hills mansion.

Chuck’s daughter told police she witnessed her parents pushing each other.

When officers arrived, Chuck had a red mark on his face but his wife had no visible injuries.

Chuck said he volunteered to go to jail to avoid his wife being arrested. "I was the victim of the incident last night at our family home, as details of the case will reveal," he claimed after being released from jail.

The District Attorney decided not to press charges.

In his new motion, Chuck said he needs an advance of $95k from community funds to continue paying their monthly expenses.

He said he’s been paying the mortgage, property taxes, insurance, utility bills and health insurance for the family — without any help from Heidi.