1. Kanye West is no longer a billionaire.

1. After being flagged on Instagram and Twitter for antisemitic comments, companies who partnered with the rapper are dropping him en masse.

1. He is now worth $4 million, according to Forbes. The financial site noted that without his $1.5 billion from Addidas, he lost most of his $2 billion fortune.

1. On top of that loss, Yeezy products have been pulled from the shelves at the Gap and Footlocker.

1. Donda Sports has taken a hit as well as the NFL’s Aaron Donald and NBA star Jaylen Brown ended their partnerships with the mogul.

1. His entertainment-based income is in jeopardy as well as talent agency CAA and film and TV production company MRC.

1. It’s rumored that he’s been dropped by Def Jam Records as well

1. West’s current net worth is based on his cash and real estate assets,

1. approximately how much his music catalog is worth and his 5% stake in shapewear brand Skims, which is owned by his ex-wife Kim Kardashian, according to Forbes.