· The Meta founder and Facebook CEO announced at last week’s

· Meta Connect conference that the virtual workplace will feature uncanny-looking avatars standing in for human employees.

· Mark Zuckerberg's metaverse is set to feature uncanny virtual avatars.

· Zuckerberg has invested more than $10billion into building the virtual workplace.

· Employees will be able to access the metaverse via virtual reality headsets.

· The avatars can be customized to match each person’s skin tone, hairstyle

· And even clothing before they attend the virtual reality meetings.

· Zuckerberg – who has invested more than $10billion into making the metaverse –

· MARK Zuckerberg’s also claimed the avatars will have more diversity, including disability representation.

· This way, employees can work in a “third mode” between having a camera on or off during a Zoom call, Zuckerberg said during the conference.

· “You can still express yourself and react, but you’re not on-camera, so it’s kind of like a better camera-off mode,” Zuckerberg said.