Veteran NFL quarterback Matthew Stafford isn't ready to walk away from football just yet.

Stafford announced this Monday afternoon that he isn't retiring and will play in the 2023 season.

Better yet, Sean McVay's looming decision will have no impact on Stafford and his decision to play or not.

In other words, Stafford will be the Rams quarterback in 2023.

"Matthew Stafford says in exit interviews that he doesn’t know whether Sean McVay will be back in 2023.

Stafford also reiterates he is not retiring, and whether or not McVay leaves has no effect on that decision," said Jourdan Rodrigue.

A huge development out in Los Angeles.

There was previously a belief that Stafford might follow

McVay into retirement if that is what McVay opts to do. But that's clearly not the path Stafford is going to take.

Barring a last-minute change of heart, Stafford will be playing for the Rams next season.