· Prior to finalizing her divorce from Tom Brady, legendary supermodel Gisele Bundchen reportedly made a quiet purchase of her own.

· The legendary supermodel reportedly bought a "modest" home in the Miami, Florida area.

· Tom and Gisele hadn't been living together for weeks, leading up to their divorce agreement.

· It's unclear if Gisele had been living in this new home or if she just purchased it for other reasons.

· "Gisele Bündchen quietly bought modest home amid Tom Brady's NFL return," the New York Post reports.

· Fans have taken to social media to react.

· "I find it hard to believe there was anything decent in Miami for 1.25 for her.

I would look in to previous sale prices," one fan wrote.

· Bundchen can certainly afford to buy as many houses as she wants. She's one of the richest supermodels in history.

· "Reminder that Gisele’s Net Worth is roughly $400 Million. Tom’s is $250 Million.

· For those saying “she needs him,'" one fan wrote on social media.