Padres batters were witnesses to it. And that’s about all they were.

· Phillies right-hander Zack Wheeler held the Padres to one hit in seven inning

· Two relievers closed out a 2-0 victory powered by a pair of solo home runs on

·  Tuesday night in the first National League Championship Series game played at Petco Park.

· “It was a hard-fought game,” Padres third baseman Manny Machado said.

·  “It was (well)-played by both teams.

· Those two home runs that they had, and it was just three hits.

· And, you know, one on our side.

· We can’t win like that. That’s for sure.”

· Padres hitters did make a little history, as Tuesday was the first time in the franchise’s 48 postseason games that the Padres were held to one hit.