Hello Friends, very warm welcome on our website www.sharpcareerfinancialupdates.in. Here we will provide you weekly updates in 7 different categories of Finance sector as ‘Investment’, ‘Banking’, ‘Insurance’, ‘Govt. Schemes’ ‘Taxation’ ‘IPO’ and ‘Mutual Fund’. These financial updates will help you in making investments, filing ITR, any new update about taxation, Govt. Schemes and any coming IPO.
Also we will cover the fundamental basics about these 7 categories in simple language that will enhance your understanding about finance sector, so this website is for everyone, be it a student, a housewife or anyone belongs to non-financial background as well.

Brief about all the 7 categories:


In investment category we will cover about the different investment options like – Post Office Saving Schemes, variety of deposits like NPS, PPF, and RD etc. Any changes take place will also be updated in a timely manner to make you update about your valuable investment.


In banking category we are covering basic fundamentals about the different banking accounts like Saving Account, Current Account RD etc., what it is? How it is beneficial for you? How to open it? Documents required? What is the Online and off-line method of opening the account?
This category will also cover about the different types of loans that public and private banks provide. Features of the loan, usefulness of the loan, documents required for the particular loan, method of applying for any loan, different types of interest rates, impact of interest rate changes, about RBI policy and many more updates about Banking Sector will be covered in a timely manner.
Now days we are living in a cashless economy, so different ‘Online Payment methods’ will also be covered in Banking category.


Under this category, the basic fundamentals will be covered about each type of Insurance available in the market like ‘Life Insurance’, ‘Health Insurance’, ‘Motor Insurance’ ‘Term Insurance Plan’ etc. in the form of FAQs in simple language, so that everyone can understand it easily. Basic points cover like what is it? Basic features of any Insurance, advantages and disadvantages, settlement of claim, terms and conditions of the Plan etc.


Taxation is considered a bit complex topic but at the same time it is one of the most important parts of our life. This topic is very useful for everyone who pays tax from different walks of life like: self employed, salaried Persons in private and public sector both, pensioners and also for students from the study point of view.
Under the category of ‘Taxation’ (Direct and Indirect Tax) fundamental concepts about Taxation is covering in a simple language so that you can have deeper understanding about the Taxation and you will be able to deal with it efficiently. So we are trying our best to make it as simple as possible.
New updates about taxation will also be covered in a timely manner.

Government Schemes:

Under the category of ‘Government Scheme’ we are covering tit and bit about PAN Card, Aadhaar Card. Fundamentals about different Govt. Schemes like: Sukanya Smriddhi yojana, UAN, PPF, NPS and any offering from Central Govt. and State Govt.
Mutual Fund
In ‘Mutual fund’ category we are covering basic fundamentals about different types of Mutual Funds, SIP plans, its features, advantages and disadvantages. Process of investing in Mutual Funds, impact of tax on your investment in Mutual Fund.


IPO category is all about when any company is going public and issuing its shares for the very first time to the public in Primary market. We are covering basic information about the company, promoters of the company, date of issue, lot size, and Lead managers of IPO etc.
Although Mutual Fund and IPO category also belongs to the Investment, but we have kept both of these as different category because both these are quite wide category in itself and you can reach them in the blog section easily.